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MainStreet.Mentone.Ws is Mentone's small corner on the Internet that focuses on issues affecting Main Street Mentone Alabama. Mentone.ws is brought to you by residents and friends of Mentone Alabama who want to see the tranquality and peace of Mentone preseved for future generations.



Proposed Wind Farm on Lookout Mountain


The Petition requesting the speed limit to be lowered... Please click here to support a slower and safer Mentone.



         Mentone's 4th of July, Sign and Flag Ban (9/24/2006)


Mentone Bridge Update (9/4/2006)



Solving the Mentone Bridge Problem. Here is the information. This is now a quick info page until the full section is complete. (7/20/2006).


Future issues Residents have requested we focus on:

  • Preserving the water quality of our Little River
  • Fundraising support for Moon Lake Elementary School
  • Signs before the Rivers identifying West Fork of Little River
  • Passing a town ordinance prohibiting "Jake Brakes" inside town limits
  • Looking into additional traffic controls in Mentone
  • Increased enforcment of the speed limit

If there is an issue you would like to us focus on, Let us Know!